Wake Surfing

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Wake Surfing is exploding as a sport and is the hottest growth category in water sports. The learning curve is easy and it’s a natural extension of water sports activities behind the boat. Wake surfing is a social and family activity, and participants range in age from 6 to 70 years old.

Competitors from around the country are expected to compete in 2017’s Wake the Desert, as well as local amateur and outlaw contestants.

2017 Wake the Desert Wake Surfing Divisions:

  • Pro
    • Men Pro Surf
    • Men Pro Skim
    • Women Pro Surf
    • Women Pro Skim
  • Semi-Pro
    • Men Semi-Pro Surf
    • Men Semi-Pro Skim
    • Women Semi-Pro Surf
    • Women Semi-Pro Skim
  • Amateur
    • Men Amateur Surf
    • Men Amateur Skim
    • Women Amateur Surf
    • Women Amateur Skim
  • Youth
    • Boys
    • Girls
  • Masters
    • Masters Men
    • Masters Women
  • Longboard